Maya Kaczorowski

Software Supply Chain Security PM. Cryptography nerd. Puzzle and ice cream lover.

Maya is a Product Manager at GitHub in software supply chain security. She was previously in Security & Privacy at Google, focused on container security, and encryption at rest and encryption key management. Prior to Google, she was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, working in IT security for large enterprises. She completed her Master's in mathematics focusing on cryptography and game theory. She is bilingual in English and French.

Outside of work, Maya is passionate about ice cream, making ice cream for friends at home, attending the Penn State Ice Cream Short Course in January 2014, and researching ice cream headaches. She also enjoys puzzling, running, and reading nonfiction.


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GitHub Universe

December 8-10, 2020


Open Core Summit

December 16-18, 2020


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"what's my job? i try to get security people to give a sh*t about containers"

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